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Monday, August 09, 2010


Another masterpiece Lindsey!
Honestly, your work always absolutely astounds me!
Roosters are a lovely shape to draw I think, and crop up an awful lot in Russian and Eastern European (particularly folk) art :)
x x

The graphite looks so fantastic with gold leaf! We had a really pretty bantam rooster when I was a kid, but he was a bit mean and hard to catch to put away at night.

Roosters and chickens in general are some of the most beautiful and varied birds on the planet! I took some quick picts at our county fair of the fancy rooster and hens. Im going to post them on facebook!

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Thanks for the great feedback! Of course Rima! you're right....they're prevalent in folk paintings now I go looking. Hope to see your photos Carma!

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