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Thursday, October 08, 2009


Wow - such gorgeousness despite the sadness of seeing something so lovely so dead. Thank you for sharing!

I know. I was overwhelmed with pity to begin with. I felt pretty bad at having asked. And there was a very unsavoury feeling of voyuerism about using the camera.

It really brought home the reality that most of the historical natural history artists were painting dead animals and posing them as live. The practicalities of which are just bizarre to anyone not obsessed with capturing fur precisely so.

Beautiful photos- I think you are very lucky to have had the chance to get such a good llok, most of the foxes I see are either running down the train line or rather more 'dead' looking than this one.

The fox is so beautiful. Your photographs are lovely.

Oh, how lovely and sad. In the third photo it looks as though it could still alive. I, for one, would love to see larger images.

The camera is always a voyeur, it's just a matter of degree and intention. I sometimes hate using it, but it's a necessity.

I remember how shocked I felt the first time I read that John James Audobon posed taxidermied specimens for his paintings. (Of course, I was seven and pretty easily shocked by anything.)

What a fantastic opportunity. Great photos - they will bring much inspiration to you, I'm sure.

I just wanted to say that the way you painted the hair in your paintings brings your romantic vision of the fox to the viewer and that is wonderful. I love the softness that you convey in your paintings.

Groundskeeper Willie?

Thanks all!

For your interesting comments!

Since a few people now are interested i'll post the pics to Flickr and post a link soon. Tried to do that this morn but the upload failed :(

Jeeylon - I know I was shocked too and I was in my 20s. He did some pretty extreme things - What staggered me in the descriptions was the sheer quantity of birds there appeared to be back then. Enough for audubon to kill 100 in a day and not blink. Pretty depressing rate of decline.

And Dave, yeah, we really have a groundskeeper willie...ridiculous!

sad but lovely - thanks for sharing

My mother is an art teacher and trained us to be all over dead animals. The victorian naturalist movement really gets romanticized, they cared even less about having dead things be for practical use. Anyway, I wanted to ask, do you live in a faerie tale cottage or something? Your GROUNDSKEEPER leaves a quintessential red FOX outside your door and then he/she is laid upon the most glorious green grass, complete with little flowers and nicely placed rock? You've got to be kidding us with this, right?

I have a few artist friends who get "gifts" of dead things for their art... sometimes hard to stomach, but I can't help but think - if the animals are done with their bodies, why not use them for art?

Can't wait to see the drawings that come from this gift!

when i was a little girl we had a fox stuffed that stood on top of our television. i think my pop ran over it with the car. or someone did. it was so beautiful. his fur was fluffy and stiff but soft. he looked just like this fox you have. call the taxidermist and create a friend.

She's beautiful and you have given her stunning immortality
im your memorial to her

poor wee thing....

I am eternally in awe of how mankind so readily destroys.
Then goes on to find excuses and reasons for doing son.
I am of the mind that human beings will not be satisfied until they have violated and destroyed most of what remains truly beautiful on this earth.

And the most surprising part of all - how homo sapiens are the most parasitic, destructive and damaging creatures of all.

Our species embarrasses me. And i fail to find any romance in the scene.

No offense to you, Little Robot. My thoughts are not aimed at you at all.
take care, x

I meant 'doing so', not doing son. aagh!

What kind of sound does a grey fox make?
We have what looks like a grey fox in the woods next to our house. It makes a sound kinda like a hoarse scream. Is that how a fox sounds?

Buy, I believe that's the sound foxes make when they are in heat. They are mating around about this time here certainly.

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