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Sunday, November 08, 2009


That's it, I'm going out and buying some alkyds immediately. (I have a tendency to want to paint in thin, thin, thin washes but with regular acrylic it only goes so far.)

I've been toying with the idea of printable art myself. What I want to do - which is a sort of compromise - start off by offering really flat, graphic illustrations that a) print more clearly and b) wouldn't be as galling if I found out they were being illegally reproduced. It sounds strange (and is just an idea), but there it is.

That's it precisely! With acrylics, you get to this stand-off point. Oo, look if you do get them, you'll post the results I hope?

I see what you're saying re: the graphical style for user printing. More like an alternative offering than a complete replacement. It makes sense actually. Hmmm.

Thanks for all your details and close ups of your process! These are so lovely! Thin layers of of oil washes is usually how I paint too. It is time intensive but the life like glow you can achieve is worth it!

wonderful work, as always

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