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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Wow Lindsey, as usual when viewing your new work, I am speechless!!

Regarding your screens - you can calibrate them in some settings to a standard which should reflect most people's screens, or at the very least be the same on both of yours. Google "screen calibration + your operating system" and you may get some answers. It has also been a bugbear of mine, especially when it comes to attempting to print true to life scanned colors!

Good luck and keep up the awe inspiring creations! :)

Thanks very much Thea! Your work is looking wonderful too! I just did some googling and I *think* it's my gamma. I've not done anything scientific except look at the old image on my blog of the monkey (which looked really dark in the midtones on the pc) and the new image of it which looked fine. On the laptop I just adjusted the gamma until I saw the same dark mid-tones.....probably still wide of the mark but for now it'll have to do! Thanks for the info, much appreciated :)

Hi again!!

I just found re-discovered this on Flickr which I used a while ago to good effect. You are meant to just about be able to see a grey circle in the square. If you can't, or if you see it way to easily then you can re-adjust your monitor until you do.


P.S - it's not a trick! :D

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